Karga7 Pictures – “Atlas of Cursed Places, Atlantis”

Karga Seven Pictures, from Los Angeles, came to the Azores to shoot a documentary TV Show called “Atlas of Cursed Places – Atlantis”, for National Geographic. The Our Island team worked as fixers during pre-production and during the shooting. It was filmed in three islands of the Azores: Terceira, Pico and Faial islands, 2020. Coming soon.

BBC Studios – “One Cup, a Thousand Stories”

BBC Studios came to the Azores to film a six-part documentary about tea, called “One Cup, A Thousand Stories”, produced by BBC Studios for Migu, the digital content subsidiary of China Mobile. The Our Island team worked as fixers and consulters during pre-production – including the recce – as well as production coordinators during the shooting. São Miguel island, 2019. Coming soon.

Labor of Love

The Mahayana Schooner made it’s maiden voyage, crossing from Lunenberg in Canada to the port of Horta on Faial Island. A traditionally built wooden motorless sailboat is a rare sighting at Marina da Horta. The captain and his crew repair the boat, after the main boom and foremast gaff have been damaged during the crossing. The boat belongs to The Blue Dream Project and the purpose of their travels is to spread the message about plastic pollution in the oceans. The film debut happened during the first anniversary of Cineclube do Faial.

Pedro, the movie

“Pedro” is a feature film about the life of Dom Pedro. The first emperor of Brasil was born in Portugal, but left for Brasil during the Napoleon wars when he was only 10 years old. The film is due to premiere in late 2020. It was directed by Laís Bodanzky and stars actors Cauã Reymond and Vitória Guerra. It’s a co-production from Brasil, Portugal, and France and was produced by Sereno Filmes and Som e a FúriaThe Our Island team worked as Production Assistants and Art Direction Assistants. Faial island, 2018.

DBcom Media – “Island Diaries”

Knowledge Network, a Canadian television network, came to the Azores for their show, “Island Diaries”. Hosted by Sophie Fouron (from Waterfront Cities of the World), this show shows life in many islands of the world. DBcom Media produced the show and came to the Azores with an amazing crew. They went to Terceira, São Jorge and Faial Island. The Our Island team worked as fixers and consulters during pre-production as well as drivers and assistant production coordinators on both São Jorge and Faial Island. Pedro from Our Island was also the kingpin of the episode. Terceira, Faial and São Jorge islands, 2017.

Microdocs – Season 1

Microdocs are a series of short documentaries. Our first season has eight episodes that are each about five minutes long and are subtitled in English. Our ancestors left us the greatest value in the Azores – tradition, history, and heritage. We are in love with the Azores and everything about them. Therefore, we use our creativity to document and spread the knowledge about our culture amongst locals and travelers.

HUAWEI – The Frequency of Love

A Portuguese and Italian crew working with Hotspots Service productions came to Faial island in the Azores. Their mission was to shoot several scenes of the Huawei’s Frequency of Love Project. Our Island provided for production assistance during the shooting as well as produced and directed the Making Of. We also helped as fixers, helping in the pre-production and casting. Location shooting included working in a boat out at sea and underwater diving. Faial island, 2018.