Trail running up and down “fajãs”

In the 53km long and 8km wide island of São Jorge we can find about 80 “fajãs” along its coast. We call “fajãs” to small sea level flat areas located at the feet of the island’s high cliffs. These “fajãs” may be the result of lava flows caused by volcanic eruptions or the result of accumulation of debris caused by landslides.

Trail running is a sport practiced more and more on the islands. It has seen the number of races and athletes grow year over year and today we can see many locals practicing it in the middle of the azorean Nature. In the triangle islands there are two important events where both local and foreign people participate. The Azores Trail Run is a race on the island of Faial that integrates 4 distinct events (70km, 48km, 22km, 10km) and results in an excellent experience because besides crossing the island from one end to the other, it is a route with very different kinds of landscapes until you reach the amazing finish line in the west end of the island: the Capelinhos volcano. The Azores Triangle Adventure is a race held in the three islands of the triangle, 100km in 3 days of testing terrain, 1 day in each island.

The island of São Jorge presents excellent conditions for the practice of trail running, since there are several trails (some are marked) that pass through several “fajãs”, where you can run with incredible views: from one side you have the mountain, on the other the sea.