Summer family time

Summer is the best time of the year

When I was a child it meant endless hours spent by the sea. Fishing, swimming and exploring sea bottom with the help of the dive mask my grandparents had offered me.

I learned how to swim at the Fajã beach, Eira harbor and at the natural pools of Varadouro. Always with my head under water, hopping from a tidal pool to another, contemplating the sea life in all its variety and splendor. That is how I came to know fish as Caboz or Peixe Rei.

Throughout my childhood, I learned how to fish, to catch limpets and edible algae and to appreciate life.

I grew up with a cut here, a bruise there and many falls from my bike, in the never ending summer days.

Now that I am not a child anymore, I like to share my experiences with the families that visit us. This way we can show to children how it is to grow up in the Azores.

Pedro Escobar – Our island guide