Canyoning in Faial island waterlines

Our island had a partnership with Tobogã Azores, company that provides Canyoning experiences in Faial island. We loved to take our guests on these incredible adventures with the amazing Tobogã Guides that always made us feel very comfortable and safe.

Bruno, the owner of the company, is also a local guide whom we always like to work with. He’s a great professional that looks out for our customers safety and well being. Besides his professionalism, Bruno is someone with who is always fun to explore the island and whiling to offer us incredible experiences.

Canyoning provides a unique way to explore the Azorean forest. During the activity we can see different endemic species, such has Azores juniper (Juniperus Brevifolia) White wood (Picconia Azorica), Azores blueberry (Vaccinium Cylindraceum) and Azorean holly (Ilex Perado). The waterlines that we cross during the activity are in most part places inaccessible in any other way.

Canyoning in the Azores means to enjoy the true contact with the nature of the islands.

your shoes in our steps