Recycled Christmas

Knowing that the 8th Waste Week of the Azores is here, and that Christmas is coming, we want to keep in mind how important it is to reuse, decreasing our waste production.

During our childhood, the first weekend of December was dedicated to make the long-awaited Christmas tree. We would spent the day putting the tree together, putting the decorations on it and at the end came our favorite part: putting the lights all around the tree. It was undoubtedly a very joyful day and we, as children, loved this time together with our parents.

The only drawback , which at the time we didn’t think of and our parents did not either, was the tree itself. Either it was a pine tree or a japanese cedar chopped out from the land or a plastic tree from any store. Also the colored balls were plastic and every year we wanted new balls to have something different.

Given the times of plastic abuse that our society lives in, why not to raise awareness for this issue and offer alternatives to this consumerism Christmas?!

We know that tradition is sometimes difficult to break, but in this particular case, we are sure that it is worth pursuing a more sustainable alternative.

Any child would love to spend the day building their own Christmas tree from scratch. It would be quality time spent as a family and while reusing old pieces and materials in a beautiful Christmas tree. Also the tree decoration would be fun, different and unique – there will be no other wooden star just like the one they did with such enthusiasm!

So we launch the challenge for this Christmas, and we post some inspiring images in the hope that families will adopt this idea in the following years.

We are already thinking about our Christmas tree too!
– Our island team