Full day discovering Faial

Our full-day car tour on Faial will take us all around the island in a fun and engaging way. We will visit Caldeira do Faial, Capelinhos Volcano, Fajã da Praia do Norte, as well as a few other places. Our itinerary is always a surprise. Since the tour is private, we have the flexibility to adapt each tour to our clients’ preferences and to the weather conditions. Our Guides love to share our island’s history and culture, and their knowledge about Azores in general. If you’re interested, we are happy to stop for a swim in the ocean during the summer or for a small hike. Our car tour on Faial is an 8 hours tour with lunch included.

Faial Highlights

Our Faial half-day car tour includes the main attractions. This car tour will take you to the Caldeira of Faial and the Capelinhos Volcano as well as a few other places. The exact itinerary will depend on the weather conditions. The half-day tour is about four hours long, so it is ideal for those planning shorter stays on Faial. If you would like to book a tour for your arrival or departure day, we are happy to pick you up or drop you off at the airport.

Banana Trip

The Banana Trip is a full day cultural tour in Pico island. Usually, we focus on the South coast of Pico island. We will learn about the wine culture and the UNESCO World Heritage vineyards landscape. And we will better understand the importance of the Azores Whaling culture, by visiting a few heritage sites, like the Whaling Museum. A traditional lunch is included at Lajes village. In between, we will appreciate several natural tide pools and visit the interior of the island, Pico Central Plateau. We call it Banana Trip, because the final goal is to visit our own banana plantation. To check and see if there’s a ripe bunch of bananas, ready to harvest. The Banana Trip is a private cultural tour in Pico island that offers an exclusive experience. The price includes all expenses from Faial island and back.

Natural-pool hopping

This is an ideal full day tour for families with kids during the Summer time. You will be able to have fun and acquire more knowledge about the places we visit in a different way, since this tour is a slow walk through unique pleasant landscapes.

During the morning we can swim and snorkel in 3 natural tidal pools. Most of the walk is at the sea side of São João Civil Parish and we can appreciate a number of cultural features. From the popular architecture to the beautiful fruit and food gardens. We will also see and learn about the Historic eruption of 1718, when lava flows destroyed part of the parish.

We can also taste at lunch the delicious local gastronomy that combines new cooking techniques with the traditional flavors of the Azores. At afternoon we will be able to relax and enjoy the pleasant feelings that nature transmits. Spending time in nature and swimming in the ocean is always a good idea for the whole family!

Here is a video about it on our blog.

Azorean roots

Azorean Roots tour is about your origins. Emigration in the Azores has always been very significant. Starting in the 19th century, most of these emigrants were going to the United States of America or to Canada. This was when American Whale ships started to touch our islands. Since then, that we have a strong cultural connection to North America. On the other side, many Americans and Canadians have their origins in the Azores. However they’ve naturally lost their cultural connection to Portugal has generations passed. But now they are curious about their relatives who left the Azores and went for a new life in North America.

Azorean Roots is a special and personalised tour to back track those origins. Customers share with us information about their ancestors: names, birth dates, or birth places, letters, etc. Any clue that will allow us to make some research and ultimately find a house, a birth certificate, or only help them understand how their azorean ancestors  lived and what made them leave.

Azorean roots

Our Azorean Roots Tour is about our origins. Emigration in the Azores has always been very significant to us. Starting in the 19th century, many Azoreans emigrated to the United States of America or Canada because American whaling ships started to reach our islands. Since then, we have developed a strong cultural connection to North America. On the other side, many Americans and Canadians have their origins in the Azores. As generations have passed, many have lost their cultural connection to Portugal. However, many are now curious about their relatives who left the Azores for a new life in North America.

Azorean Roots is a special and personalised tour to backtrack those origins. We ask clients to share information with us about their ancestors, such as names, birthdates, birthplaces, letters, etc. These clues aid our research and help us find information like birth certificates or houses, or simply to help clients understand how their Azorean ancestors lived and what prompted them to leave.

Cooking class

Our 4 hours Cooking class in Faial will give you a taste of true Azorean tradition and culture. In other words, we combine experience, learning, art, pleasure, and hospitality into a journey towards authenticity. Not only will you be cooking during the class, you will be eating as well. Possible dishes include combinations of fruit and local cheeses, squid salad with rock samphire, coastal fish ceviche with coriander and lime, grilled limpets with lemon butter, chili and herbs, Caldo de Peixe from Pico (fish stew), or grilled pelagic fish skewers on laurel wood. As for our meat options, we offer regional steak with yam and verdelho sauce, lamb with pumpkin and orange, feijoada Flores Island style, and roasted octopus. For dessert we offer dishes such as fruit salad, regional sweet rice, or green tea pudding. Our cooking class in Faial is true to our traditions with a hint of innovation. This class will teach you our culinary techniques and traditions and give you the chance to taste new flavors.

Horta city tour

Embark on a captivating pedestrian journey through the historic city of Horta, where we delve deep into its culture.
Over the course of approximately 4 hours, we’ll explore various landmarks in this vibrant port city, especially during the 19th and early 20th centuries. The natural bay served as a haven for a wide range of vessels, from American whaling ships to transatlantic submarine cable companies (German, English, and American). Today, Horta’s marina remains a renowned stopover for yachts crossing the Atlantic.

As you wander through the streets of Horta, you’ll have the opportunity to discover the island’s earliest settlers who arrived in the 15th century, visit iconic churches and landmarks, and explore the Horta Museum, home to an exceptional collection of intricate fig tree core carvings and other masterpieces.