Ourisland is a travel agency that was born out of the desire of three friends to do what they know best: to share their experiences with people from all over the globe.

We want to provide you unique sharing moments through our wide cultural knowledge and enthusiasm to explore the charming beauties of the azorean nature with you. You will be welcomed by attentive hosts, who constantly care about your well-being and are committed to delivering a holiday experience relaxed, enriching and fun.

Luís is 33 years old and was born in Faial island. He grew up surrounded by sea stories told by his grandfather, who was a whaler from Pico island. This is how Luís fell in love with everything about the sea and its stories, from Moby Dick to the pirates. After he graduated in cinema, he returned home to make a documentary about the azorean whalers. He is crazy about outdoor sports: running, cycling, swimming and rowing; and he is a natural-born nature adventurer. Luís has professional experience in exploring the Triangle islands and his greatest satisfaction is to share all his knowledge about this little rock in the middle of the Atlantic that he calls home.

Pedro is also from Faial. He is a 30 years old boy, who is always in a good mood and has a huge heart. His skills are endless: he’s a sailor, a fine cook, a photographer, a builder of wooden houses, a garden designer of hanging gardens on roofs, an antiques collector, and, above all, an unparalleled host. Early on he developed his sailor skills by taking the Maritime-tourism Operator certification. Since then, he has sailed, crossed oceans. However, his passion for the nature and the culture of the islands has always made him come back home, returning with untold stories of his adventures.

Rita is 29 years old and was born in Oporto. After studying cinema, she met the Azores when she came here to shoot a film. Rita is a dreamer, eager to learn everything there’s to learn and to visit different places. She has lived in many countries around the world and, although she loves to travel and see new places, it’s on the Triangle islands that she feels at home. She describes the islands as a magical corner of the world that is imperative to visit. But she doesn’t hide that Pico is her island of choice. Each time she steps on that volcanic soil, she realises how lucky she is for fate bringing her here. For her, the light of the islands is unlike anything you’ve ever seen and she is always ready to catch those moments with her camera.