The Banana From Pico

” The Banana from Pico” is a short documentary film (27 minutes) made by the Ourisland guide Luís Bicudo in 2010. It was filmed in Santa Cruz das Ribeiras, Pico island, in the Azores.

We can say that it works by comparing what is local and traditional with what is global and standard.

Luis takes the point of view of the local and traditional culture. This is represented by his grandparents and their banana plantation in the small parish of Santa Cruz das Ribeiras. Here you can feel the small details in the way Grandfather Chico and Grandmother Cidália share their knowledge and stories that have passed from generation to generation. Not so long ago, most people in the Azores depended on subsistence agriculture and as such, this grandparents were hardened by the elements of Nature. They are a living testimony to the profound changes that have taken place in the social and economic fields of the Azores during their lifetime.

On the other hand, Luis tells us the history of the worldwide banana comercial business and the problems and conflicts that have occurred since its industrialization at a global level. Luis was upset to know the history of banana commerce, because he could not believe that a simple fruit could cause so many problems worldwide. For him, the banana culture is as simple as his past childhood in the middle of his Grandparent’s banana trees.

The Banana From Pico from Luís Bicudo