How does booking work?
After completing the booking form, you will receive an email with our bank information. After that, you have 15 days to pay 30 % of the total value of the trip. Only then the reservation will be formalized. See our Terms and Conditions.

How far in advance should I book my trip?
To get the best prices for your flights and to secure your place in one of our trips, you should book your trip in advance. The ideal would be to book it 3 months before the start of the program.

Can you book flights for me?
No. However, we will be happy to assist you in finding the best solution to reach Faial Island. See our Terms and Conditions.


What is the payment deadline?
After you book your trip, you have 15 days to pay 30% of the total value. Then you have to complete the payment of the remaining 70% until 30 days before the beginning of the trip. See our Terms and Conditions.

What are the available payment methods?
You can pay by bank transfer or PAYPAL.

What happens if I give up my trip, after I’ve booked?
The amount paid on the act of booking (30% of the total price of the trip) will only be refunded if the withdrawal happens up to 120 days prior to the program start. See our Terms and Conditions.

What happens if I give up my trip, after having paid in full?
We will refund 70% of the total price of the trip. The amount paid at the time of booking (30% of the total price of the trip) will only be refunded if the withdrawal happens up to 120 days prior to the program start. See our Terms and Conditions.

The Azores

What language is spoken in the Azores?
Portuguese is the official language, as the archipelago is part of the Portuguese Republic. However there is a wide range of Azorean accents.

How is the weather in the Azores?
The climate is mild temperate, the average winter temperatures are 13ºC / 56ºF and 24ºC / 75ºF in the summer. The average temperature of the seawater varies between 17ºC / 63ºF and 23°C / 74ºF, being warmer in summer. The air humidity average is 75%, so the thermal sensation is sometimes 30°C / 86°F during summer. The Azores are typically known for having four seasons in the same day; the weather changes very quickly, sometimes we have hot clean weather in the winter and rainy cloudy days in the summer.

What kind of food you eat in the Azores?
The Azorean cuisine is very tasty and full of tradition. You will find both fresh grilled fish or stewed fish, as well as grilled or stewed meat. Seafood is also part of the snacks here. The cheese and the regional bread are also very popular.

If I am vegetarian, what should I expect from Azorean food?
The Azorean cuisine is not vegetarian. As a result, most of the local restaurants are not prepared for this. However, whenever we receive someone who is vegetarian, we make sure the restaurants, suggested by us, present a vegetarian option.

My trip with OurIsland

Where is the meeting point?
At the Horta Airport on Faial Island, Azores. All our costumers will be greeted and picked up by an OurIsland Guide, the same that will accompany you throughout your trip. See our Terms and Conditions.

Who will accompany me on the trip?
Each trip includes an OurIsland guide, who will lead all planned activities and will accompany you throughout your trip. During your free time you can also count on your guide’s help if something comes up. He is always on call for anything that you might need.

Which language will I speak during my trip?
The OurIsland guides speak fluent Portuguese and English. However, if there is one person in the group who does not speak Portuguese, the primary language for that trip shall be English.

How many people will share my trip with?
Our programs are designed for 4 people at least and 7 people at the most. See our Terms and Conditions.

Where will I sleep?
You will sleep in double rooms on local lodging accommodations or rental apartments / houses. Your comfort is very important for us and we guarantee that all basic amenities will be available. See our Terms and Conditions.

Do I have to share a room with another person?
Yes. If you bring someone, you will share the room with that person. If you come alone, you will share the room with another person of the group. We always look for local and rural accommodations; therefore, the number of rooms is limited. See our Terms and Conditions.

Are all meals included during the trip?
No. The number of group meals included will be featured in each trip.

What should I pack?
You should pack comfortable and practical clothing. You should take into account the time of year that you will be making your trip and the kind of trip you choose. You should always bring good hiking shoes, bathing suit, and rain jacket or raincoat.

What kind of transport will I use when I get there?
Transports used during OurIsland trips can be: taxis, cars/vans and boats (maritime passenger transportation services).


What is the degree of difficulty of the trips?
It depends on the kind of trip that you choose:
OurIsland: easy / moderate (hiking on trails);
Hiking: hard (hikes with many climbs and downhills; ascent to Pico Mountain);
Endurance: severe (hiking and trail running, climb the Pico Mountain);
Roots: easy / moderate (hiking on trails);
Holy Spirit Festivities: easy (hiking on trails);
À la Carte: depends on the type of trip you want.
See our Terms and Conditions.

Can scheduled activities be changed due to weather conditions?
Yes. Sometimes the hiking trails can be done with rain and fog, but if the weather conditions are adverse or uncomfortable, the itinerary can be changed or the activity in question can be replaced by another. See our Terms and Conditions.

If I want to stay a few extra days in the Azores before or after the trip, how it works?
Our professional relationship ends when your trip is completed. Nonetheless, we will be more than happy to assist you in terms of giving you information about accommodation and activities.